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Igor shook this thought.

- Head! He jumped up and ran to the road. - Hey, bro, bro, stop, damn it, in kind!

I watched as Igor, waving his arms, explained to the peasant his task. Separate words came to me.

- Baba is a fool ... she lost ... it would be better ... damn it, in kind ...

The man was convinced. Having handed the tractor back almost close to my window, he, having fallen out of the tractor, began to adapt the cable to the grate.

- You messed up, mistress? he asked, smiling, and exhaled a mixture of pervacha and garlic on me. I did not get off, but collapsed from my masonry.

The tractor purred, growled, smoked, groaned. The grate popped out with a click and rustled on the ground. Just how! And it was much more difficult for the Count of Monte Cristo.


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