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July 3rd: Kids Play and Big Pear present an introduction to "Dungeons & Dragons"

Big Pear is partnering with Kids Play to bring a youths-only introduction to "Dungeons and Dragons" and roleplaying games in general.

Kids Play is a non profit organization working towards keeping kids away from the lifestyle of drugs, gangs, and violence.

Kids Play holds sports tournaments, conferences, and other projects for the youth community to learn about the opportunities they can seize within life. The organization is operated by leaders from all across the Lower Mainland wanting to bring a positive change within the community.

Kids Play believes their work will allow the youth to discover the potential they have within themselves to reach greater heights in any aspect of life.

The session is free but space is limited. Contact us or visit to sign your youth up for this special session.


Online Session Happy Hour.

We hope everyone is staying safe indoors during this trying time. Being cooped up at home shouldn't mean the gaming has to stop. So, every weekday until further notice, from 1200 to 1600 (PST), we'll be offering by-donation online sessions of your favorite RPG's. So gather some friends and family around their respective computers, pick an RPG you've been meaning to try and let's roll some dice!