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"Muppet Shadowrun" at Terminal City Tabletop Convention (online session)

Statler: So what's this "Shadowrun"?
Waldorf: It's one of those RPG's.

Statler: Well, what's an RPG?

Waldorf: "Really Perplexing Gobbledygook!"

Statler and Waldorf: LOL!

It's true that "Shadowrun" is well-known for being a bit complicated and for having a fair amount of number-crunching. However, we'll be running "Shadowrun Anarchy", a simplified version of "Shadowrun" 5th edition.

Enter a world of magic, technology, and Muppets.
An original PG introduction to the cyberpunk world of "Shadowrun" using the simplified "Shadowrun Anarchy" rules.

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Online Session Happy Hour.

We hope everyone is staying safe indoors during this trying time. Being cooped up at home shouldn't mean the gaming has to stop. So, every weekday starting on March 18th until further notice, from 1200 to 1600 (PST), we'll be offering by-donation online sessions of your favorite RPG's. So, gather some friends and family around their respective computers, pick an RPG you've been meaning to try and let's roll some dice!