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The Extra Life 24-hour "Dungeons & Dragons" Game For Charity 2021

Here we go again! It's our 8th annual Extra Life 24-hour D&D game for charity!

Gather close and witness the adventures of a bunch of nerds as they play "Dungeons & Dragons" for 24 hours. However, they gather to champion a goal greater still: to raise money for the BC Children's Hospital Foundation's Hospital Foundation and the younglings it benefits. Working with the Extra Life charity organization, they shall march forth to victory, dice in hand and friends by their sides.

These adventurers may be delving the dungeons but the true heroes are those who might ensure that this undertaking is not in vain: those who would donate to their worthy cause. 

Possible rewards await those who choose to donate to our cause. Every $5CAD you donate enters you into a draw to win some cool stuff. Stay tuned to our social medias to see what epic loot you could win!


Online Session Happy Hour.

We hope everyone is staying safe indoors during this trying time. Being cooped up at home shouldn't mean the gaming has to stop. So, every weekday until further notice, from 1200 to 1600 (PST), we'll be offering by-donation online sessions of your favorite RPG's. So gather some friends and family around their respective computers, pick an RPG you've been meaning to try and let's roll some dice!