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Big Pear Gamebook #1: "The Citadel of The Big Pear Tree"


The realm needs a hero. The realm needs YOU!


People from all over used to come to this peaceful and picturesque valley pining for wisdom and insight from a magical sacred tree. Now, the beauty and tranquility of the valley has been shattered by a seedy force that has taken over The Big Pear Tree.

You've decided to go out on a limb and enter the Citadel of The Big Pear Tree to get to the root of the problem. But beware: this Tree is no sap and its bark and bite are equally malicious!

Will you leaf this place a hero or will your quest go pear-shaped?


In Big Pear Gamebooks, YOU ARE THE HERO!

Part novel. Part role-playing game. 100% Awesome! This book has all the rules you need to send you on your very own fantasy quest!


Adventure is calling! Grab a twenty-sided die and a pencil and heed the call!

"The Citadel of The Big Pear Tree" (Digital)

  • Digital download link will be included with your confirmation e-mail upon purchase of this product. The link will expire after 30 days. If you wish to download the digital product after this link has expired, please contact us  with proof of purchase and we will send you a new link.

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