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Big Pear Gamebook #1: "The Citadel of The Big Pear Tree"


The realm needs a hero. The realm needs YOU!


People from all over used to come to this peaceful and picturesque valley pining for wisdom and insight from a magical sacred tree. Now, the beauty and tranquility of the valley has been shattered by a seedy force that has taken over The Big Pear Tree.

You've decided to go out on a limb and enter the Citadel of The Big Pear Tree to get to the root of the problem. But beware: this Tree is no sap and its bark and bite are equally malicious!

Will you leaf this place a hero or will your quest go pear-shaped?


In Big Pear Gamebooks, YOU ARE THE HERO!

Part novel. Part role-playing game. 100% Awesome! This book has all the rules you need to send you on your very own fantasy quest!


Adventure is calling! Grab a twenty-sided die and a pencil and heed the call!

"The Citadel of The Big Pear Tree" (Paperback + Digital)

  • This product comes with a download code for the digital version of "The Citadel of The Big Pear Tree."

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